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Digital Photography Jargon? Easy!

Got your bits mixed up with your bytes? Is a halftone less than a semi-quaver? Computer terms can often be a mess of confusing jargon. Lets’ try to make it easy with some photography definitions and the start of a glossary. Feel free to let us know what other terms that you’d like covered in comments below.

An image with 1 bit of colour information per pixel is also known as a bit mapped image. The only colours displayed in a single bit mapped image are black and white. Adding bit depth allows the rendering of more colours.

Photoshop deals with bitmap images.

One of three dimensions of colour; the other two are hue and saturation. The term ‘Brightness’ is used to describe differences in the intensity of light reflected from or transmitted through an image independent of its hue and saturation.

The four process colours used in printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (K).

A four channel image containing a cyan, magenta, yellow, and black channel. A CMYK image is generally used to print a colour separation; it is also the way that inkjet printers output colour images, taking the original RGB image and translating it in the printer.

The changing of the colours of pixels in an image, including adjusting brightness, contrast, mid-level greys, hue and saturation to achieve optimum printed results.

A representation of the final printed product, for checking colour accuracy and other elements.

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